Start up… the smart way

You’re starting a business because you’re a Go-Getter. But first, be a Know-Getter. CenterFuse’s Launch-A-Business (LAB) business incubator program teaches the insights, logistics and best practices to help you take your business from startup to thriving success. For practical knowledge, step into The LAB.

1. Startup Fundamentals – Defining and refining your product or service niche, tips and tricks for entrepreneurs, and business organization basics

2. Raising Capital and Intellectual Property
Funding: How to seek capital, complying with financing laws and more
Intellectual Property: Patents, trademarks, copyright protections and licensing

3. Marketing – Competitive analysis, customer profiles, sales and social media

4. Preparing a Successful Business Plan – How to persuade investors and customers, and create solid, achievable growth goals

5. Business Operations
Financial Management: Banking, bookkeeping, taxes and more
Human Resources: Best management practices, team building, employment and anti-discrimination laws

6. Presenting Your Business Introduction to successful investor pitching, pitch presentation tools and skills, and a one-on-one business plan review by a CenterFuse Consultant

7. Working Session & Pitch Practice – Faculty-led breakout groups for focused business pitch refinement

8. Pitch Day! – Formal presentations and constructive feedback, followed by graduation party!

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